Google – Land Illustrations

Wildlife illustrations of California flora & fauna breathe life into workspaces within Google's Pacific Shores campus


As a contract illustrator at Media Objectives, I was given the chance to research and depict some of California's most iconic wildlife. I took this opportunity to try out a variety of illustration techniques, including my first wallpaper design.

Yosemite Wildlife wallpaper pattern for Google

The native residents of Yosemite National Park provided inspiration for this wallpaper design. After sketching the faces I went over the drawings with pen on tracing paper. Handy stuff, that tracing paper.

Sketch of Yosemite Wildlife for Google
Drawing of Yosemite Wildlife for Google
Scale diagram of my Yosemite Wildlife wallpaper for Google

With a quick scan of my inked drawing, I soon had my illustration vectorized. With wall dimensions in mind, I cloned and distributed the animal portraits until all the space was evenly filled.

For this illustration of the piercing face of a great grey owl, I drew inspiration from Charley Harper's geometric nature depictions.

Illustration of a Great Grey Owl for Google

When considering color for these illustrations I didn't want to brand them too heavily with Google's signature red, blue, yellow and green palette. If someone were in the building, they already knew they were in Google territory – no need to be redundant. Instead, I employed a range of other hues along with a subtle use of the Google palette (as seen in this feather-pattern illustration).

Illustration of feathers for Google

This depiction of intertwining succulents was the final piece I created while at Media Objectives. It took some experimentation to arrive at the sizzling palette, and I imagine it is now adding warmth to the room it occupies.

Illustration of a succulent plant for Google
Illustration of a succulent plant for Google
Illustration of succulent plants for Google