Google – Marine Illustrations

Marine themed illustrations showcase the vibrant Bay Area sea life living in the nearby waters and wetlands


During my stint at Media-Objectives I illustrated Bay Area sea life in a rapid flurry of concepts and ideation. In collaboration with a seasoned design team, I conducted research on natural habitats surrounding the structure where these illustrations would eventually live.

Illustration of Grey Whales for Google
Sketch of Grey Whales for Google

Once I received the design brief, I dove into studying the flora and fauna of the brisk waters surrounding the southern Bay Area. I began by sketching out as many ideas as possible in rapid iteration.

With a heap of sketches in hand, I met with the project manager to whittle them down to the best of the best. The final selection contained the more minimal, modern looking compositions of the bunch, which reflected Google's own modern branding language.

Drawing of a Kelp Forest for Google Illustration detail of a Kelp Forest for Google
Illustration of a Kelp Forest for Google

Using vellum I carefully traced over my initial sketches, transforming them into much cleaner line drawings. After scanning the drawings into digital form I recreated them in Adobe Illustrator. The vector format would allow the work to be printed at any size depending on how much wall-space they would eventually need to occupy.

Illustration of a Harbor Seal for Google
Illustration detail of a Harbor Seal for Google

One of my favorite moments in the design process is experimenting with color in Illustrator. I'm able to quickly jump between palettes and pairings until I arrive at one or two color combinations worth sharing. I drew color palette inspiration from vintage nautical illustrations along with Adobe's wonderful Color web app.

With four distinctive illustrations laid out in Illustrator I added a touch of sea-worn texture and they were ready for production.

Fish illustration for Google