the Good Measure tour

Hybrid shapes and vintage colors comprise this poster design for an intimate concert series across three unique US cities

Illustration and Layout

This poster commission from Noise Pop draws on the culture and surroundings of the coolest cities in America: New York City, New Orleans and San Francisco. I utilized Illustrator and Photoshop to bring it all together.

Empire State building x Stratocaster guiter hybrid icon from the Good Measure tour poster
Golden Gate Bridge x acoustic guitar hybrid icon from the Good Measure tour poster
Fleur-de-lis x trumpet hybrid icon from the Good Measure tour poster

I did some research to find the most iconic architecture and favorite pastimes of each city the tour would be stopping in. After I had gathered enough info, I sat down and sketched out three potential concepts. I then scanned them into my laptop and mocked up each one in Illustrator.

Photo of the Good Measure tour concept drawings

Typographic inspiration was pulled from vintage movie posters that had caught my eye. I sketched out a few different ideas and digitized them in Illustrator. The client ended up going with a font but I'm glad I got some practice drawing out different letterforms.

Photo of typography drawings from the Good Measure tour
Three unused poster concepts from the Good Measure tour

I simplified my initial icon illustrations, combining and concentrating each into one form. The Golden Gate Bridge doubles as acoustic guitar strings, the Empire State building as the neck of a Stratocaster guitar and the fleur-de-lis as music bursting from the horn of a trumpet. The client requested that I integrate a VW bus into the illustration, along with the logos of the two event sponsors. Harken Wine's bicycle and Joie de Vivre's encircled heart can be spotted directly above the VW bus.

the Good Measure tour poster design