BAM Software & Services

Spearheading a website redesign and crafting marketing materials for the online gaming company in an extremely competitive industry

Graphic and Web Design — 2015-2017

BAM Software hired me as a full-time graphic and web designer, and I spent two years working closely with their marketing and dev teams designing landing pages, banner ads, print materials and email templates that successfully boosted signups and user engagement.

California Chrome statistics infographic designed for BetAmerica

Every design I created at BAM aligns with the BetAmerica brand I had helped to establish along with the art director and marketing team.

Harness Racing logo design for BetAmerica

While graphic design made up about half of my responsibilities at BAM, web design and user interaction design comprised the rest. Here's an example of a signup UI flow I designed as an update to the BetAmerica iPhone App.

App signup UI flow design created for BetAmerica

One major undertaking at BAM was the redesign of the BetAmerica website. I collaborated with an art director and front-end developer while creating webpage mockups in Sketch. My knowledge of the Bootstrap framework aided me throughout the process, allowing me to quickly code, test and implement responsive layouts that would adapt to any screen size.

Screenshot of the top of the BetAmerica website homepage
Mug branded with BetAmerica logo


800 Points

Redeem Points

I designed and implemented an interactive online shop where users could redeem points they had accrued on various prizes. The layout utilized Bootstrap, CSS3 animations and integrated branded Google Forms for order submissions.

Hover over the mug image to see the interactive animation I created for each item.


When I started at BetAmerica, their customers were receiving clunky emails that looked terrible on mobile devices. I spent some time researching a better solution and eventually found Foundation for Email, a responsive email framework that allows emails to scale perfectly on any screen. I quickly learned how to use the framework and designed a sleek html email template that anyone on the marketing team could use, whether they knew how to code or not. From that moment on, BetAmerica customers began receiving lightweight emails that look incredible on any screen, increasing user engagement and making us stand out above the competitors.

Screenshot of entire BetAmerica homepage

Built on the Bootstrap framework, the BetAmerica website adapts to any screen size and still looks amazing. See the live website at

Laptop, tablet and smartphone displaying responsive BetAmerica website
Photoshopped image of horse and jockey in New Years attire
Photoshopped image of horse and jockey in New Years attire