High Fidelity – Event Branding

Meaningful identities for events spanning a broad range of subjects.

Graphic + Web Design & Branding

At High Fidelity there was a new event identity to develop nearly every week. Tons of research, sketches and feedback went into branding each one of these unique events.

Poster design for Face to Face Speaker Series with Charlie Fink
Poster design for Face to Face Speaker Series with Jessical Outlaw
Poster design for Face to Face Speaker Series with Jeremy Bailenson

My first undertaking at High Fidelity was devising a poster for their weekly 'Face to Face' Speaker Series. This assignment grew into a series of these minimal, abstract poster designs. While researching and developing concepts, I took the topic of each event into account, the background of the featured speaker, and setting of the event (a 3D environment experienced via social virtual reality platform).

One of the surreal and wonderful aspects of designing event identities at High Fidelity was the opportunity to show and view my work in a virtual reality setting. Here I am standing next to my first poster design as a little robot in a virtual theater lobby where guests would come to attend the event in social VR.

Jessical Outlaw Poster hanging on wall in 3D High Fidelity domain
Event branding for 'Can VR Elimenate Bias?' with Lindsey Siegel

Each event presented a unique set of design challenges. One of my goals was to make these events look as approachable and welcoming as possible, since the technology used to access them was new and intimidating to some.

Event branding for 'Day Break' team building in High Fidelity
Event branding for '1 Billion in VR' load test event in High Fidelity

While every identity utilizes a unique palette, layout, and tone. I wanted to incorporate an overarching style across all designs to unify these as 'High Fidelity curated' happenings.

Event branding for 'Workshop Wednesday' classes in High Fidelity